Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Mothers Day Floral Tea and Mug Gift Set

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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Mercury Goes Direct
June 7-17
Renew, Revisit, Research, But Don't React.........

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Fathers Day 2014

New American Fathers Day- The Gay, The Single and The Supporter

Over the last decade, the image of "Dad" has changed. Fathers day is fast approaching and the industry giants such as Walmart are stocking up on items we can purchase to honor fathers everywhere. For them, this day is about money. To most people Fathers Day is a special time to thank the hero they call dad

.  In summer 2013 the LGBT community won the right to marry in our Nations Capitol. Recently Robert DiNiro admits his father was gay. The Washington post is currently working on a Fathers Day story about gay dads.The role of single dad is not such a new image, but it is far more evident that many dads such as Dwayne Wade and Jamie Foxx are raising children out of wedlock.

With the divorce rate so high many families have decided that the only way to provide for a child is to get a court order demanding monthly child support payments, If payments are not made men  face high penalties or maybe even jail. Recently The York County Domestic Relations agency sent out a mass text message stating that  a payment would be the "ideal fathers day gift" which offended many dads who are always on time with these payments.

 Like it or not, this is the new American Family.  What would be the ideal fathers day gift for a gay father or a father who is not allowed to see their children, yet are great supporters?

Here is my opinion. .If you are not gifting out of love, then don't gift at all. Yes, it is ok to give a gift that would fit the personality of the one you love. Just remember what Fathers Day is all about. Show your Dad how much you appreciate his lifelong commitment to your protection and well being.

Happy Fathers Day to all who take on the role of First Love and First example of a Hero.