Every Year  in our Mrs. Free USA Spotlight on You, We will introduce you to everyday women who embody our vision of sexy. 

We are serious about providing knowledge for women, for free, however;  that does not mean that we are not in tune with the true nature and beauty of a woman. Women are by Nature, beautiful, resilient, and just plain sexy. In our opinion, you are the epitome of Sexy if the following applies to you.

1. You are not afraid to be your own unique individual self.
2. You are bold, aggressive and naturally dedicated to the well being of your family and nation.
3.You use your gifts and talents to support and encourage other women.

2014 Mrs. Jozet Nature

About  Jozet Nature(Profile Name)
Its ironic that on the eve of introducing the new Mrs. Free USA, Im in the mountains surrounded by the love of family. Im so very proud of my choice. I watched her for a while, yes I did, she was a breath of fresh air,cutting edge ....ummm yes!! But natural, So as I sit here at cliffside , its with great pleasure that I introduce to you Jozet Nature. Self described Bushwoman currently living in Laborie,Saint Lucia. Jozet works at Life and studies somewhere over the rainbow, shes passionate as fuck!!!! (Lol) The pictures she shares of herself are beautifully rebellious. Jozet captures the perfect balance of modern edge and natures finest. Not only that, her reponse to my request to feature her was the best part of love. Thanks ! #saynotostatusquo


2013 Mrs. Nakesha Renee Williams, Poet, Mother and Model

About Nakesha Renee Williams
I'm a poet, mother and model. I play the lead guitar and I love to dance. I love life and life loves me. I love my children. There's no place I'd rather be.

I'm pretty laid back, love to laugh and be around positive people, I love to write, I do crossword puzzles and I love to dance. I just love to have fun! I'm a good listener and easy to talk to.

Poem: The Games you play, by Nakesha Renee Williams

The hunted... Ohhhh.... So I'm the hunter and your the prey... so I just realized.. Oh you poor lil thang.. I kinda got tired of all that chasin I was doin.. seemed as if... Soon as i caught up to you.. you'd find some kinda way.. to pull ur hand away... Oh what games people play.. Cat and mouse on ur living room couch... From gettin close to you and.. you pushing me out.... the way.. To hugs and kisses, I miss you babies and I love you's the very next day.. But you were too much of a dunce to realize that.... Sooner or later.... the hunter gets tired of chasin somethin.. somethin it seems it will never get.. The chase was fun for awhile... But OH SOOO boring it became to me... Especially after realizing that.... I was actually just chasing your insecurities... After I broke the news.. you were not amused... I turned my head and walked away... And of course, to no surprise.. another one of those lame a** games I despise.. look who's chasing after me!! Here you come runnin down the street... Shoooot!! I never knew you could run so fast!! Like a streak of lightning struck you across ur a**.. You tried to catch up to me but.. (hmph) Plz.. I was too far gone up the street by then... You'd think I was your only friend... Ironically... I was... How come the people that love you the most... You treat like dirt while the people that don't give a damn about you... you worship their earth.. I know as for me... It took a while for me to see.. But... HA!!.... I Beat you at your own game.......... That game you played.... that was entitled "ME"