Mrs. Free USA is the gateway connecting powerful resources and wisdom for women's bodies, minds and souls. If you are looking for a cool game, celebrity  gossip, or the latest fashion, this might not be the realm for you.  If you are looking for educational information, articles, inspiration,websites, events, inspiring film or a way to enlightment, you will love Mrs. Free USA! We are unique because our aim is to facilitate a great merger of the like minds. And to help women tap into the Wisdom that lies from within so that our nation can enjoy true freedom.

Through extensive research and what we call "sisterhood networking".  Mrs. Free USA combines knowledge from the best "Wisdom Keepers" (Women who believe it is their God given duty to recycle the knowledge and understanding that has helped them to transform into the wise women they are today.) into a single online resource portal for women who are seeking wisdom on how to handle many of the milestones and obstacles that a woman will face in this new world. All of the resources featured on the site have been carefully studied and reviewed for quality and authenticity.

If you are interested in working with Mrs. Free USA as a Wisdom Keeper- A woman who who wants to offer her wisdom, supporting and fostering the next generation of women, by teaching them how to tap in to their inner guide or...............................
You are a Wisdom Seeker, a woman who seeks access to a support system during critical milestones in your life and an insiders prospective on navigating through life as a woman.

We are waiting to connect with you. Please contact Momauwi Woods for more information.

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