Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Momauwi Woods
Skin Care with Papaya Before

Day 14: "Do 4 Self" Freedom requires a connection to Nature

Im 14 days into my mission, to become dependent only on what our Master Creator placed within me. My goal is to learn to create and transform nothing, into the things I need to survive. However; It has been difficult because I have yet to learn how to tame my "inner fire". How to use my energy effectively. I have been so pressed to succeed. I have acted without thinking, been very arrogant in my speaking and just all over the place.  So I decided to balance it out and relax, Give myself some spa-dayz....(See videos to stop music scroll to the bottom of the page and hit pause)

My inner fire, which is my hot spirit that wants to burn my way to the top has been getting me into a lot of trouble. but, as the universe always does. I have been made aware that I'm trying to do too much. There has to be a plan, a process, and most of all order.

Momauwi Woods
Skin Care with Papaya After

So with that said, Please learn from me. before jumping into the flames of your burning passion to succeed at your goals... Take your time. Have a plan. Don't do it to be heard. Remember that we are all one, and that even though the prerequisite is to "Do 4 Self", keep in mind that by doing for yourself you are making yourself a valuable part of the whole. So if I love my people, I need to slow down and plan this thing right.

So thats what I will be doing over the next couple of days........I was on fire though. Made a couple videos, took a side job! By the grace from within caught up on some its time to renew and fall back with a plan this time.

Lets Go!
Peace to the Gods and Goddess.

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