Tuesday, June 03, 2014

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The History of Fathers Day?
Add your piece to the puzzle

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. As you know, the truth of things can be verified. Truth is Truth. We are not the type of  people who are not lovers of truth. We are qualified and willing to examine all things.

Lets look at the history of fathers day as taught to us. Fathers day apparently has its early origins in ancient Babylonia??????????(What is this? Please share in comments). We are told the story of a young boy from Babylonia called Elmesu??????????? carved in clay a note his dad, wishing him a long life.

Later in history a young woman named Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd ,advocated for Fathers Day because she felt that if there was a Mothers Day, it should also be a Fathers Day....HUMMMMM. Lets begin. Please help complete the puzzle by adding your piece of information in the comment section.

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